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Shane, 32, Birmingham
Shane, 32, Birmingham

I was hoping to meet a new girlfriend for love. I found Lola on DateTheUK. She’s shy, but we were friends for a while, went out a couple of times, and now preparing for marriage 😊

Alex, 41, Liverpool
Alex, 41, Liverpool

It’s hard to describe yourself as a perfect boyfriend or find a match for marriage, but give DateTheUK online dating a chance to work, it guides you by the hand to ensure success.

Sunny, 29, Bristol
Sunny, 29, Bristol

In my experience, this is where the best UK singles are searching online to meet people in their city. This site had fresh matches who wanted similar things.

Roxanne, 35, Manchester
Roxanne, 35, Manchester

Carefully select your profile pics, choose the right one, and voila, men begin showering you with attention. If you take your time, this site works! I found my dream guy!

Lucinda, 40, Dover
Lucinda, 40, Dover

I hate going the usual route for finding singles in my town, frequenting bars, and such. Skip the pub scene and use DateTheUK to meet romantic partners online.

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Quickly Master the Art of Online Dating

If you’ve been single for a while, you’re doing something wrong! Perhaps, you’ve missed your brief regarding how using a UK dating site is perfect for focusing on finding new love matches. At DateTheUK, local guys and gals portray themselves in their dating profiles – read their bio to know all about them and initiate a conversation successfully. The members of this single dating site want different things, so there’s always going to be someone for you. Learn the ropes and meet your match online at our UK dating site today! Register and set yourself on success at once.

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  • Use our chat features to see which singles are serious about meeting in person and establishing chemistry and compatibility. Some users will waste your time, which is true for any dating app, but most of them are friendly and easy-going.
  • Use the free signup and email verification process on DateTheUK to your advantage. Familiarize yourself with the site and see how many singles are available in your area before committing – we guarantee you’ll be pleased
  • If a conversation doesn’t feel like you would enjoy meeting in person, focus on other people. We have hundreds of thousands of British singles available who will probably resonate and generate better vibes with you.

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  • With free registration, you will be free to look around the DateTheUK as often as you like.
  • If you aren’t sure where to begin, use the Site Bot or the support channel for assistance. Don’t want to continue using the service? Cancel with proper notice and avoid the next billing cycle.

Have Fun!

  • Online dating in the UK is built for single people who aren’t attached to other life partners. They want to find a serious boyfriend or girlfriend and possibly get married, cohabitate or have kids. Here you can find out what are the goals of your new British friend in a playful chat.
  • If you want this kind of romantic attachment, it takes time and effort to find your perfect match. Be patient with the process, as you never know what the love of your life will look like!
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Finding yourself single again or living single for many years, especially after coming out of a long-term relationship or marriage? It’s intimidating to put yourself on a UK dating site for the first time. In Britain, the usual practice is to build new routines and do those things you’ve always wanted, like traveling or starting a business. But, eventually, you run out of ideas. Then, you wish you had a special person to come home to or a best friend who could spend lots of free time with you, and our UK dating site will help you to meet this person online.

Use our UK Dating Site to Find Your Soulmate

  • Single, local people in your city, be it Leeds, Newcastle, or London alike, hope that you’ll open up about your personal life, but you control the messaging. Remember that.
  • You will feel better knowing that members went through our email verification, but don’t give out your personal contact information instantly. Trusting anyone after a single chat isn’t the best idea.
  • Let people using UK dating services earn your trust before meeting. They will invest time in chats if they are serious.

The Dating Website for Better Matches — DateTheUK to Use!

  • You cannot choose dates or serious relationships based on looks alone or shared hobbies. Read the profiles and ask questions – that’s the only way to find a compatible partner here.
  • Match the whole package. You should feel comfortable around a person in different contexts. So, what’s the rush? Try to use our UK dating site to talk about as many communication topics as possible to know how you feel about that person.

Keep Chats to Your Comfort Level

  • Some local members might want to chat more often than you. Be clear about your dating preferences and how much time you can devote to personal conversations.
  • If the person you’re talking to is “the right one,” there will be no rush. Get to know them for a while before suggesting that your online meeting should be taken offline, and your relationship will be stronger that way.

Online Dating is Fantastic, but Don’t Delay Your Dates

If someone treats you well on DateTheUK, they might be a great person in real life. However, the face-to-face meeting tells you much more about their personality and behaviour, so invite them to go out and enjoy your time together.

Our UK dating platform prides itself in creating multiple successful matches per day – read the success stories from our members to ensure you’re using the best matchmaking service in Great Britain.